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About the Founder

Jayla Spellman

Educator & Mentor
Licensed Esthetician
Certified Permanent Makeup Artist
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The Full Story

Born and raised in the Virginia Beach Area, I moved to Greensboro to attend The University of North Carolina. I graduated with a BS in Biology hoping to pursue something in the field. However, around January 2018 is when a chord struck in me. Although I had a great corporate job and coworkers, I was becoming stagnant and comfortable. I slowly started to explore the beauty industry. I took makeup courses at the local beauty college and began to do makeup on friends and at small gigs. Practice started to make perfect. A year later, I enrolled in the Esthetician program at an Advance Beauty College. I quickly discovered how much I love helping people to understand their skin, feel relaxed, and ultimately, leave a better version of themselves. 

I created this company in hopes to provide a wide array of beauty services so clients can come to one place to have all of their beauty needs taken care of, whether it's for a wedding or just every day maintenance. Alongside my glam squad, I’m excited to continue providing quality services to my current and future customers.

I’m happy to say I’ve relocated back to the Greensboro area permanently. I am blessed to say I took a leap of faith in August 1st, 2020 and I opened my first location for The Vanity Lounge to have a space to take clients and film videos for my Youtube Channel. The motivation to better myself and give my clients quality services is at an all time high. I’m excited to offer you my services and solidify a professional presence in the Greensboro Area. I love what I do and hope you choose me to be your new go-to beauty gal.

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