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  • ENJOY A PROFESSIONAL FACIAL TREATMENT- Whether upgrading your treatment options available to clients or even treating yourself to a self-care day at home, this NEW & IMPROVED jelly mask formula will definitely become a staple in your new routine!
  • SAVE MONEY, WHILE ENJOYING THE CONVENIENCY OF A 4-IN-1 SET- The Vanity Lounge's "Peel-Off" Mask Kit includes the following: Vitamin C Mask, Bowl, Measuring Spoon, & Spatula. So there is no need to waste additional money purchasing these essentials separately.
  • INDULGE IN A LUXURIOUS EXPERIENCE- This mask is guaranteed to make you feel like you are receiving a facial in an expensive spa resort. It also makes the perfect addition for any professional facial or esthetic service add-on.
  • INSTANT BRIGHTENING RESULTS- This mask is perfect for helping to get rid of any dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, or acne scarring. After just one use, 100% of clients reported experiencing a noticeably brighter, more even skin complexion.
  • TRUST THE PROFESSIONALS- Unlike some of the other brands, The Vanity Lounge's "Peel-Off" Mask was formulated by professionals for professionals. Meaning, we were able to listen to the clients need and formulate a product based on the actual consumer.
  • PERFECT FOR DULL, SENSITIVE SKIN- Peel-Off mask are often associated with being harsh and to "abrasive" on the delicate skin of the face. However, our Brightening, Vitamin C Jelly Mask GENTLY adheres to the skin allowing it to effectively remove impurities without leaving behind any residue!

Vanity Lounge Vitamin C, "Peel-Off" Jelly Mask Set (4-In-1 Kit)

  • 1. In a bowl, put the mask in powder and water. Use the 4:3 ratio

    2. Mix with a spatula until the powder of the mask becomes gooey

    3. Apply the mask evenly with a spatula, remove after 20 minutes

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