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Advanced "Jelly" Peel Off Mask: Are They Worth The Hype?

Isn’t having clear, glowing skin the ultimate skin goal? Finding a facial treatment that genuinely works for your skin type may be difficult and intimidating, especially with so many options available (is there a magic ingredient that would repair my sometimes red, sometimes dry, and sometimes puffy skin?). We’re all searching for something that helps our skin feel and look great at the end of the day.

What Is An Advanced "Jelly" Peel-Off Mask?

Advanced “Jelly” Peel-Off Masks are basically masks made out of powder, and when mixed with water look like yogurt, becoming rubbery after being applied to the face, pushing the serum and all the ingredients deep into the skin. When peeled off, your skin is not damaged and reveals healthy, glowing skin. When the mask is applied to the face, it will settle in for about twenty-five minutes, after which it is peeled off the skin, leaving it much smoother and softer. The great thing about Advanced “Jelly” Peel-Off Masks is that they do not need to be rinsed and do not cause a mess after being applied.

By definition, they are physical exfoliants that remove impurities, clogged pores, and every kind of dirt from the face as they are peeled off. They detox, cleanse, and soothe the skin. They even give you a relaxing experience as they are peeled off. Advanced “Jelly” Peel-Off Masks can be applied three times a week to prevent over-exfoliation - or less if you have very sensitive skin.

How Does A "Jelly" Peel-Off Mask Differ From Other Treatment Masks?

Setting, non-setting, and sheet masks are the most common types of face masks. Setting masks have a clay or mud base and solidify after application. These are great for oily or acne-prone skin since they can help control excess oil production. Non-setting masks are often moisturizing, wet masks that are used to give the skin radiance and glow. These are often used to rejuvenate and moisturize aged, dry, or dehydrated skin. Sheet masks are an excellent alternative to conventional masks since they are simple to apply and remove. They can also contain a wide range of components and provide a variety of benefits.

Now it’s time for the jelly mask! This variety of masks is one-of-a-kind, both in terms of its physical characteristics and the benefits it provides. When water is put into the hydro jelly mask, it turns into a “jelly”-like consistency. This enables a simple application. The jelly hardens and nearly functions like a sheet mask once applied, allowing the esthetician to pull the mask off the face. It has the features of both a setting and a sheet mask, as well as a variety of other benefits.

Refined alginate is used to make jelly masks. They have a lot more alginate in them than standard rubber masks. That’s why the texture of the jelly mask is similar to jelly, providing more hydration as well as quick cooling and calming benefits. Additionally, they produce a silky smooth, vacuum-like seal over the skin. This is the most crucial function! The mask forces hydration and nourishing nutrients (from the mask as well as other previously applied skincare products left on the face) deep into the skin thanks to the vacuum seal. A jelly mask has several benefits for your skin, including hydration, smoothing, moisture retention, cleaning, exfoliation, skin conditioning, toning, and inflammation reduction. Customized to meet the demands of your skin.

How to Apply an Advanced “Jelly” Peel-Off Mask:

  1. Choose the best advanced “jelly” peel-off mask for your skin type. People with dry skin should choose a hydrating mask, while those with sensitive skin should use one with non-inflammatory active ingredients.

  2. Gather the tools to properly apply the mask. This may include a brush, a bowl to mix, a spatula to stir, and measuring cups or spoons for application.

  3. Cleanse your skin using a facial cleanser appropriate for your skin type. This enhances the absorption of the mask ingredients.

  4. Apply evenly on your skin. Do not apply to hairlines, eyes, and lips.

  5. Massage the mask into your skin using the tips of your fingers to keep most of the product on your face. Make sure it also spreads to your neck.

  6. Put on the mask for about twenty minutes. It’s also great to take this time to relax and meditate.

  7. After the mask has been set properly, gently peel it off. Don’t pull too hard!

  8. Moisturize your skin using a thin-layer moisturizer appropriate for your skin type.

  9. Continue with the rest of your skincare routine.

Choosing the Best Advanced “Jelly” Peel-Off Mask for Your Skin Type:

The Vanity Lounge's "Peel-Off" Mask Kit includes the following: Vitamin C Mask, Bowl, Measuring Spoon, & Spatula. So there is no need to waste additional money purchasing these essentials separately. This mask is guaranteed to make you feel like you are receiving a facial in an expensive spa resort. It also makes the perfect addition for any professional facial or esthetic service add-on. Whether upgrading your treatment options available to clients or even treating yourself to a self-care day at home, this NEW & IMPROVED jelly mask formula will definitely become a staple in your new routine!

Peel-Off mask are often associated with being harsh and to "abrasive" on the delicate skin of the face. However, our Brightening, Vitamin C Jelly Mask GENTLY adheres to the skin allowing it to effectively remove impurities without leaving behind any residue! Unlike some of the other brands, The Vanity Lounge's "Peel-Off" Mask was formulated by professionals for professionals. Meaning, we were able to listen to the clients need and formulate a product based on the actual consumer.



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